What do high performing technical specialists look like? Here's what 4000 stakeholders told us.

24 Feb 2021

Presented by Grant Heinrich

How do you create a high performing technical team? Everyone has an opinion, but here’s your chance to review data drawn from real performance reviews.

Our Chief Research Officer Darin Fox recently analysed the contribution of 4000 stakeholders to the performance reviews of 400 technical specialists - coders, business analysts, engineers, medical specialists, scientists, lawyers and more.

On Weds 24 March, he went deep into the data to answer questions.

  • What does a high-performing technical specialist, individual contributor or other form of expert look like?

  • How does a willingness to undertake three specific tasks help identify high performers?

  • What’s the most effective training you can give an expert today? (Hint: it’s not stakeholder management.)

  • What “holes” in your expert’s mandate prevent your organisation challenging and retaining experts?

Attendees received a copy of the full research report. Request your own copy using the form below.

Download our presentation deck, based on a major research survey, on what makes a great virtual leader