New Zealand Government MASTERING EXPERTSHIP programs
Summary: Details of the NZ Government Mastering Expertship Programs.
Written by Alistair Gordon 19 Sep 2023

About the New Zealand Government Expertship programs

Every quarter, multiple government entities in New Zealand nominate technical subject matter experts to attend the Mastering Expertship program. Over 300 public servants have attended the program.

Nominations are open to any government entity. These programs are run by Expertunity, a private provider.

Click the link to download a one page overview of the program.

Click the link to download a one page overview of how to select an ideal participant, extremely informative for managers of technical expert teams.

Schedule for programs

The next program is Cycle 7, and the details are as follows:

  • Program takes place face-to-face in Wellington.

  • Nomination deadline is 1 October 2023.

  • Key dates are the two face-to-face workshops that occur as follows: Workshop #1 – 7, 8 November; Workshop #2 – 15, 16, 17 November.

The program following this one is Cycle 8, and the deadline for that program, held in Wellington in February 2024, is 29 November 2023.

Nomination process

Arrangements for nomination of participants vary from department to department, depending on whether the program is centrally funded or not, and whether funds are available.

We can advise interested parties on their departments’ process , or alternatively contact your Learning & Development team internally.

Places are usually available up until the deadlines described above.

Departments that have participated in the program so far are as follows:

Inland Revenue, Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Treasury, Ministry for Primary Industries, Ministry for Environment, Commerce Commission, National Emergency Management Agency, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, NZ Stats, Ministry of Social Development, Accident Compensation Commission, and NZ Defence.

Free-of-charge briefings

We are happy to brief individual managers or potential participants on the program to ensure a good fit. Just connect with us using the form below to arrange such a catch up, free of charge or obligation.

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