The Expertship 360

Written by Alistair Gordon 08 May 2020

High-value individual technical contributors - experts - need feedback in order to improve their performance and become more effective colleagues just like everyone else.

Why do experts need feedback? Surely no non-expert can assess how expert they are?

A decades old problem has been the HR teams have wanted to use 360-degree surveys where the underpinning capability framework is based on people leadership and the respondent groups at up, down and sideways - very linear. Neither of these constructs provide relevant data for experts.

With the advent of the Expertship 360 these problems in the past. Now experts can get feedback mapped to a highly relevant capability framework designed for the work they do - The Expertship Model - and a respondent list that makes sense to the world in which experts work.

Read what experts say about their Expertship360 experience.


Experts don’t operate in a linear world - their stakeholder relationships are complication and diverse. So if you are about to gather feedback for experts, if requires a flexible 360-degree survey design, that still maintains structured feedback.

The Expertship 360 is designed in concentric circles (as per the graphic at the head of this article). Accredited expertship coaches will help participants compile a respondent list that reflects this, including representatives from the following groups:

  • Managers. Their immediate manager, along with the next person up the hierarchy, and sometimes a regional technical lead if applicable.

  • Other Experts. Individuals from the teams they work in most often. We call this their Technical Cohort.

  • Immediate Stakeholders. Internal customers they are completing work for, or who are running a project team they’re on.

  • Removed Stakeholders. The ‘end users’ of the completed work, could be internal or external to the organisation.


The Expertship Model provides a unique and highly relevant question base for the survey, exploring capabilities that experts need to excel in. The formula we use also includes taking into account derailing behaviours, providing experts feedback not just on what they do well, but what they may be doing poorly.

No other survey available has such a relevant question base and such a large number of completed surveys.


There are many ways in which organizations can engage in helping their experts get feedback they can use from this survey.

  • Outsource the whole process to Expertunity. We offer a series of packages where we will run the surveys, work with the expert to get the respondent list right, and provide feedback. We’ll throw in a copy of The Expertship Growth Guide as well. We can run a single survey for you or whole departments. These surveys link easily into talent processes and reviews.

  • Get accredited and run your own surveys. Expertunity runs accreditation programs for HR and OD teams, so that the surveys and feedback can be executed in-house.

  • Register your expert on a Mastering Expertship. The Expertship 360 comes as a standard part of that program.

Talk to us today about re-energizing your experts, and increase their value, esteem, and productivity.

Why do experts need feedback? Surely no non-expert can assess how expert they are?

Download a guide to the Expertship Model below.

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