Expertship 360 Packages
Summary: We offer a variety of ways to get your experts some great feedback. From a simple survey to a coaching package combo, we have the lot.
Written by Darin Fox 08 Feb 2023

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Expertship 360 Packages

Expertunity, the creator of the globally benchmarked Expertship 360, offers a range of ways for individual subject matter experts (SMEs), leaders of technical teams, or whole organisations to get started.

In a recent survey, experts participating in the Expertship360 rated their experience 8.3 out of 10.

Expertship 360 Standard Package

This package includes an induction call, execution of the survey, a feedback session with an accredited Expertship360 coach, and a online version of our Expertship Growth Guide, a companion publication that help participants shape meaningful and actionable growth plans based on the feedback.

This package can we rolled out individually, or in larger groups (something for organisations we recommend).

Expertship 360 Extended Package

This package includes all of the aspects above, plus a facilitated three-way ‘check-in’ meeting between the expert, their manager, and the coach to discuss the Personal Growth Plan, and development aspirations, and three subsequent one hour coaching sessions with an accredited expertship coach, to help the expert to execute their plan, and master new behaviors.

Blocks of three additional coaching sessions are available for booking at any time after the deliver of either the Classic Package or the Extended Package above.

Volume Purchases, Making it Part of Talent Strategy

Expertunity works with several organizations who are introducing the Expertship360 as part of their talent strategy. We offer appropriate incentives for volume purchases. Discounts start with as few as ten surveys.

In-house accreditation

We can also arrange for in-house staff to be accredited to run the debriefs and coaching, hugely reducing costs and building internal capability when it comes to supporting SME talent.

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Don’t forget to make sure the leader of your experts understand all about expertship. Check out our Leader of Experts program.

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