Public Programs for Subject Matter Experts
Summary: Expertunity’s public programs offer – a risk-free and low-cost entry point to invest in your career as a technical subject matter expert.
Written by Alistair Gordon 08 Nov 2022


The road to expertise mastery starts here for experts and their organisations.

Mastering Expertship programs can be run in-house by medium to large organisations, or organisations (and individual subject matter experts) can decide to participate in a Mastering Expertship public program. These public programs allow individual Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from organisations without inhouse programs to participate. They are also used by many organisations to test the value of the program by sending a few experts on the public programs as a pilot.

The world’s top program for subject matter experts

Mastering Expertship is the world’s top course for SMEs, has an alumni of 2,500 worldwide. Across a four-month period, a series of workshops, coaching sessions and an assessment are combined to provide subject matter experts with an outstanding learning experience, than enables them to add more value to their organisations, and have more personal influence and impact.

Many participants describe the experience as helping them break out of their technical bubble to be able to make a much bigger contribution to their organisation’s success.

9 out of 10 experts who have attended the program say they would highly recommend it to a relevant expert colleague. See participants comments here: Subject matter experts review our programs: “Life-changing”.

PowerPods – the basics

We call these public programs PowerPods, because they are delivered in a virtual learning pod, containing four participants (usually all from different non-competing organisations) with one master facilitator and coach. Key facts you need to know are:

  • We run new intakes for our PowerPods once a quarter, with nomination deadlines being the last day of the previous quarter (31 March, 30 June, 31 October, and December 31).

  • We match participants from similar time zones and different industries, providing a really diverse pod group, which participants tell us they highly value.

  • Participants get one-to-one attention from the experienced expertship facilitator and coach.

  • We run briefings regularly for interested parties – whether HR professionals or individual experts or their managers – to explain the program, its benefits, and how others have experienced it. Use the form at the bottom of this page to register your interest in attending such a briefing. These briefings are obviously obligation and cost free.


You would not expect the world’s top program for technical subject matter experts to come cheap, but the program itself is a small investment in comparison to the career and organisational impact it has for participants. We offer a variety of payment options for individuals and negotiate group rates with organisations.

Here’s our promise: you won’t regret testing this program

The feedback from participants, their managers, and OD and L&D professionals who have either participated in or provisioned this program is consistently very positive. We’d be happy to introduce you to referees and testimonials. Lean in, contact us, and we promise you won’t regret helping subject matter experts get to the next level.

An overview of the program here. Mastering Expertship Program

See participants comments here. Subject matter experts review our programs: “Life-changing”

Contact us directly here. What experts love about Expertship

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