Leaders of Expert Teams Resource Centre
Summary: Leading teams of technical subject matter experts (SMEs) that often know more about things that the leader does is really challenging. We have created this FREE series of articles to assist leaders of experts lead them brilliantly.
Written by Grant Heinrich 09 Nov 2021

How to lead your technical experts brilliantly

This is a resource centre for people who lead teams of technical specialists: engineers, economists, data scientists, software developers, researchers, medical technicians, and other complex roles.

Expertunity has coached leaders to run specialist teams since 2018. This resource centre summarises the top level of what we’ve learned helping leaders lead expert teams, and all the information in this primer is free to access.

New to leading technical experts?

If you’re new to leading a team of experts, or you’re a non-technical manager, there’s an article specifically for you: How do you lead a team of technical specialists when you’re not an expert yourself?

Cover of the Master Expert

There are also additional resources include as downloadable tools, free chapters of our book Master Expert: How to achieve peak performance, seniority and influence in a technical role, and full-size versions of the diagrams you’ll see throughout our articles. You can download each of these using the form on each page.

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