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Summary: We offer free continuous learning post any of our Expertship programs to graduates.
Written by Alistair Gordon 03 Jul 2022

Your Pathway to Progress

You’ve gone through one of our programs and it was great. Now what?

Many programs fail when a learner gets back to the office. Often they don’t get enough coaching, time to practice and feedback from their own stakeholders. Consequently, they might feel like they aren’t getting the support they need to apply what they have learned.

At Expertunity, we are here for you.

Expertunity offers a free alumni membership with all Expertship programs we run around the world to enable subject matter experts to continue their learning and professional growth.

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This includes participants of both the Mastering Expertship Program program and also the Leader of Experts program.

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Exclusive content

We have curated exclusive quarterly webinars with captains of industry, interactive masterclasses which deep dive into subjects from the Master Expert book to really help you level up on your pathway to progress. You’ll also have access to our Learning Portal with 100% free content.

Special Offers

Our participants tell us that the Expertship 360 is one of the most valued parts of the program. So why not have access to it more than once? Boost your professional development and career. Gain access to expert coaches and 360 feedback at discounted rates to help you continue to boost your professional development and career.

Membership also includes:

Peer to Peer

Many learning programs are offered as a one and done approach. Not at Expertunity.

While Mastering Expertship is a 4 month journey, new behaviours and habits take time to develop - and surrounding influencers are a critical success factor. A community of learners fosters continuous learning with individuals and the collective.

We want to be there to support you now, and into the future.

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