What makes a great virtual remote team leader? Download the executive research summary
Summary: Want to know what our recent survey on virtual leadership told us: what is and isn't working for virtual leaders and remote teams? Download the executive summary of our research report here.
Written by Darin Fox 22 Sep 2020

You can now download the executive summary of our recent research: What makes a great virtual leader?

Among the findings:

  1. 42% of managers of virtual teams say they give more feedback to teams that have gone virtual; only 14% of their team members agree

  2. 40% of team leaders say they offer more recognition to their team; only 20% perceive that to be the case.

  3. Managers who are also introverts are 6x more likely than extrovert managers to significantly misjudge team connectedness, productivity and happiness

  4. Teams that perceive themselves as more productive are also more likely to report feeling less connected to other teams in their organisation.

  5. Across the board, 58% of teams report feeling less connected to other teams in their organisation

  6. 56% of teams feel working virtually has improved their productivity, and 36% their health and wellbeing

  7. 40% of managers create “too many” or “the wrong kind” of virtual meetings

  8. 18% of teams dislike their managers attempts at “organised online social meetings”.

Download the report below, and watch our chief research officer Darin Fox present the data in a webinar

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Download our presentation deck, based on a major research survey, on what makes a great virtual leader