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We run practical webinars regularly on Expertship, organisational development, coaching and other skills. Next up: What do high performing technical specialists look like? Here's what 4000 stakeholders told us. .

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We've analysed 4000 contributions to performance reviews of technical specialists and individual contributors. What makes an expert a Master Expert?

Very senior participants; a complex agenda; a vitally important organisational goal – pre-crisis, this was the sort of meeting you'd absolutely have refused to run over Zoom. How did Jarrad O'Brien of the SA Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health (CEIH) host a better, more effective virtual session?

Whether you're an HR strategist looking to audit organisational innovation, or a manager of experts wanting to improve the performance of a team member, the Expertship model will help you evaluate, manage and improve the performance of technical specialists. Join our Webinar to find out how.

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